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Gorna Banya (Lyulin or St. Kral) Monastery "St. St. Cyril and Methodius"

The Gorna Banya monastery is located in the Lyulin mountain at about 3 km to the south-west of the residential district Gorna Banya, Sofia. It was founded in the 13th century by the Serbian king Stefan Urosh II Milutin, whose relics were kept here for some time after his death. Nowadays the relics of the saint are kept in the cathedral "St. Nedelya" in Sofia. In the 17th century the monastery was destroyed and in 1875 - restored. At present it functions regularly. Patron Saint's day on 11 May


The Gorna Banya monastery is on the first class road E79. The centre of Sofia is about 13,5 km to the north-east of the monastery.


The preserved building is only the church (16 x 11 m) - one-nef, one-apse, with two five-wall conchas and without a cupola. In 1972 the monastery was burnt down. Soon after that the church was restored without the cupola which had existed earlier. It is a monument of culture.

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