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anti - (1). Wooden supports (2). Posts with square cross-sections in the corners of the ancient churches and on the front elevations of some kinds of buildings.

Apse (cupola, arch) - semi-sphere with a semi-cupola arch built on the eastern side of Christian churches connected to the altar, that is, part of the altar of the church.

Archbutane - wall-supporting arch.

Holy spring - a spring, usually in a monastery or a church, which is considered healing, holy; holy water.

Freestone - a kind of porous rock.

One-apse - with one apse.

Stole - a textile band, worn by archbishops, priests and deacons during some of their liturgical functions.

Contraforce - brick or stone post with a tetragonal cross-section, built-up next to a wall or with a wall-supporting arch to compensate the side pressure.

Concha - a semi-cupola, covering the cylindrical parts of buildings (like, for instance, apse, alcove, etc.)

Nef - the front large space in a church.

Naos(nave) - the main hall in a Christian church.

Narthex - the anteroom in Orthodox churches, where usually some of the smaller rituals and prayers take place. The proselytes stand here as well as those, repenting for their sins. In the middle part stand the Christians - churchgoers. Here there are places for the church vocalists, small and big candelabras, lecterns (high small tables with slant surfaces for books and icons, kissed by the congregation), thrones (places for the older and the weaker to sit), chandeliers, etc.

Proselytes - people, acquainted with the Church doctrine, preparing themselves for the Holy Christening and for joining It.

Stone plates - plates for covering the roof with instead of tiles.

Prayer book - a liturgy book containing prayers and texts for the whole year, with instructions about the rituals and the respective ceremonies.

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