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Bulgaria is a small country located in South - East Europe, bordering Greece, Turkey, Black Sea, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia.

In spite of its small size Bulgaria is rapidly gaining popularity as a tourist destination.

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Why? Because of its various resources:

  • Bulgaria does not have the Alps but Bulgaria's mountains are not less beautiful with their wonderfully varied landscape, alternating between rolling green meadows, ancient forests and rugged rocky terrain with dramatic peaks and gorges.
  • Bulgaria is not so wild as the remote Siberia but many of the Bulgarian parks and preserves have spots equally untouched by human hand.
  • Bulgaria does not have Cote d'Azur but Bulgaria's beaches are among the nicest in Europe - warm, sunny and sandy, and the Bulgarian Black Sea is safe, clean, calm and warm, with sandy gently sloping bottom.
  • Bulgaria does not have the Pyramids but the oldest Bulgarian historical sites date as far back as VIIth century BC evidencing presence of Neolithic culture on the territory of present Bulgaria.
  • Bulgaria is not as old as Egypt but at the time when the Bulgarian state was founded (681 AC) there were only three countries in Europe: the Western Roman (Frankish) Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) and Bulgaria.
  • The list is endless...
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According to the legend when God created the countries he gave each nation a special treasure but when it was time for Bulgaria the riches were finished and, being fair, God decided to give to Bulgaria a small piece of everything.
Thus Bulgaria has mountains and hills, Bulgaria has deep forests, Bulgaria has rivers and lakes, Bulgaria has the Black Sea, Bulgaria has historical, archeological and cultural sites from different epochs, Bulgaria has numerous special activity tours and destinations, Bulgaria has big ski and beach resorts, Bulgaria has small villages of stone and timber houses that have changed very little over the last few hundred years, Bulgaria has delicious cuisine and hospitable people, Bulgaria has � you name it - almost anything you are looking for in a holiday you will find in little Bulgaria.

So whether you are planning a weekend trip or your vacation, don't miss the opportunity to visit God blessed Bulgaria.

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