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Vladaya Monastery "St. Petka"

The Vladaya monastery is located in the southeastern skirts of the Lyulin mountain".It is 1 km to the west of the Vladaya, residential district Sofia. It was founded during the time of the Second Bulgarian kingdom. In 1328 it was burnt down by crusaders and 32 monks were killed. Later, with the help and the blessing of king Ivan Shishman, the church "St. Petka" was built. During the Ottoman yoke the monastery was functioning. There was a hiding place in it, used by Vassil Levski. At the beginning of the 20th century the monastery was restored. In 1992 and 2003 two chapels dedicated to St. Nedelya were built. The monastery is nowadays a complex including a church, residential and farm buildings and the chapel "St. Nedelya". The church iconostasis was declared a monument of culture. At present the monastery functions regularly. Women's, Patron Saint's days on 14 October and 7 July


It is located against the Vladaya railway station and almost next to the E79 first-class road. The center of Sofia is 15 km to the northeast.

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