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Belashtitsa Monastery St. Georgi


The Belashtitsa monastery is located in the northern skirts of the ridge Chernatitsa of the West Rhodopes. It is about 1 km to the south-east of the village of Belashtitsa, Plovdiv municipality.


The monastery was founded in 1020 by the Byzantine commander Nikifor Ksifiy, who played a decisive role in capturing Tsar Samuil soldiers at the village of Klyuch. In 1364 it was devastated by the Turks. It was restored in the 18th century and was burnt down again during the withdrawal of the Turks in the Russian-Turkish war of Liberation. After the Liberation it was restored again but remained Greek till 1906. Nowadays it functions regularly.


The monastery is connected to the town of Plovdiv (11 km) by a third class road to the north and by the 86 second class road - to Assenovgrad (20,5 km to the east).

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