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Bachkovo Convent "St. George"

The Bachkovo convent is located in the most southern part of the town of Assenovgrad, high on the left bank of the Chepelarska river (the Chaya river). It was founded in the 1lth century as an inn to the Bachkovo monastery. At the end of the 18th century it was burnt down. After the plague epidemic of 1812 it was rebuilt. In 1978 its restoration started, which has not been finished yet and as a result of that the residential buildings got ruined.

At present the church is restored and operates regularly while the other part of the complex is neglected. The monastery complex includes residential and farm buildings, forming a tetragon, divided into southern and northern yards. The convent church "St. Georgi" is in the eastern part - it is almost square, three-nef, one-apse pseudo-basilica, completely wall painted.

The valuable wood-carved iconostasis of the church is another remarkable sight. The chapel "St. Ekaterina" was built in the south part of the church. Next to it is the eight-wall bell tower of the convent. The Bachkovo convent was declared a monument of culture.

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